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Community Outreach Projects

Members of the Village Squares Quilters actively support our three community outreach projects.

Bedford Babies - at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Cuddle Quilts - for children with long-term disabilities in local hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Friendship Quilts - for residents in hospice and local nursing homes.

For suggestions, see quilt sizes and wheel chair bag directions.

Outreach Sites

Pins & Needles - VSQ Outreach

Pins & Needles posted this on its FB page with a thank you to VSQ and NSQG

Deb with a stack of quilts
ready to donate to babies locally at Blythdale Children's Hospital and Beacon Health Center.
Thanks to the wonderful quilters from @northernstarquilters and Village Square Quilters,
65 babies will receive the warmth and love sewn into these colorful quilts #comfortquilts

Furniture Sharehouse Photos

May 2019 Outreach for Furniture Sharehouse

From Maria Eyckmans
Thank you to the following members for donating quilts in March for Outreach.
Eleanor Schmauser 2 Quilts
Barbara Glab 1 Quilt
Here are March Outreach Sites with their quilt sizes:
VSQ Outreach Sites 2017 - 2018

Thank you from refugee family

Ellen- a big thank you to all who helped with this quilt. As you can see it looks warm and welcoming in their new apartment. - Lisa
This is the quilt we donated to the refugees sponsored by my temple, B'nai Yisrael.

From Maria Eyckmans
Thank you Barbera Wexler, Susan Wolman, Alice Clague, and Lee Kimmel for your donation of quilts
for Outreach in December. Thank you again Rhona for delivering another quilt to the VA in Montrose
and the NICU, MaryAnn Byrnes for delivering a quilt to Doris Capello for the victims of the hurricane
in Puerto Rico, and Lee Kimmel for delivering her quilt and five others to Phelps.
VSQ Outreach Sites 2017 - 2018

Thank you!

VSQ Members: On behalf of my grandson, Evan Joshua Schacher, I want to thank you for this beautiful quilt (made by Rhona Hiney). Evan’s days in NICU will soon be over and he will be coming home to his thankful parents. May he grow big enough to fill this quilt. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness. Barbara Wexler

Here are some photos of the Furniture Sharehouse donation event from the Summer 2016 project.

Refugee Quilts

I received this note from the third group of refugees that we donated quilts to. This family, parents, and 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son, arrived two weeks ago. They were from Afghanistan and had to leave because the father had worked for the US government and their lives were in danger. They were related to the second group who received their quilts a few weeks ago. All three families that we have donated to live in close proximity and are busy learning English and settling in. All groups were sponsored by a consortium of churches and temples and coordinated by Hias, the Jewish immigration Settlement organization. A grateful thank you to all those that made the quilts… they were a conglomeration of the “I spy”, summer projects, and March project.

Thank You Notes

2015 Thank you note from Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center received for October quilts in Show and Tell set!

Fabric Donations

We are interested in donations of 100% cotton, silk, flannel or fleece fabric and batting 
that is suitable for quilting. The Village Squares Quilters make charity quilts for babies, 
children and adults and it is always useful to be able to defray some of the cost with donated fabric.
I am not able to accept fabric that cannot be used for quilting.
Please feel free to email me to discuss further.  I hope I can help your fabric find new life 
with the Village Squares Quilters.
Best regards, Anne

Thank You

Blank Fabric donation - July 2014

Here are the photos by Alice Clague of Mitchell Blank's donation being moved by VSQ members. Thanks to all who participated and especially to Mitchell Blank.

Thank you notes Winter/Spring 2013

VSQ has received these thank you notes. Please take a look at the great job!

Mystery Quilts completed

Mystery Quilt photos from June 2013 are online. In July, these VSQ-member-created quilts were delivered to The Wartburg in Mt Vernon, which is a comprehensive senior living facility.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Quilt-a-thon

Received from Acacia Network for the quilts that were donated, see the thank you postcard.

See photos from the latest Outreach quilt-a-thon. This one arranged by Susan, Anne, Fran, and others. Thanks to all who participated.

"Every House has a Story"

(As cited on the National Quilting Association website) See the quilt here from the presentation.

Thank you - Photos and Cards

Thank you for Wheel Chair Bags

The NYS Department of Health has sent VSQ a thank you for the donation of beautifully quilted wheel chair bags that Rhona and her team of outreach members created from fabric donated to the guild.

J A Coleman School Thank You

VSQ received a thank you note for the quilts from the class who were recipients last months donation to the JA Coleman School. One of the parents also sent a thank you note, which is included on the third page. Take a look.

Thank you from NYS Department of Health

53 total quilts: Read April thank you from NYS Veteran's Home in Montrose. Read January thank you from NYS Veteran's Home in Montrose. Read February thank you from NYS Veteran's Home in Montrose.

United Hebrew - The Art of Caring for Generations

We've received a thank you from the United Home for a much appreciated donation of quilts. You can see the thank you here.

Catalyst Foundation

We've received a thank you from the Catalyst Foundation for the Quilted Washcloths that the guild members made and sample size toiletries that were donated. Here you can see the email note and their photos.

We Delivered Quilts

Last month four of our members visited the John A. Coleman School which is located on North Street in White Plains, next to where St. Agnes Hospital used to be. We "adopted" one of the classrooms of four- and five-year-olds - twelve children, all of whom have some physical disability - cerebral palsy, spina bifida, chromosomal syndrome (i.e. Downs), orthopedic impairments. We took seventeen quilts with us so they would have a choice - and choose they did, with great enthusiasm! By the time we left, the kids were lying on the floor on their quilts, or hugging them, or wrapping themselves in them.
It was a very heart-warming experience for us all. And the Director informed us there are eleven more classes just like this one - 125 pre-schoolers who would welcome our quilts! They are adorable children and in a very happy classroom environment. It's just sad to know that there are so many children facing some huge challenges. SO KEEP MAKING THOSE QUILTS, LADIES!
Addendum: The John A. Coleman School occupies the second floor of the building. The first floor contains the Children's Rehabilitation Center. The kids are served by both, and they are bused from Westchester, Putnam, Bronx and Manhattan.
Subsequently, VSQ received this thank you card that the children helped to make.

Thank you note received from Joann Bohannon, Child Protective Services for VSQ donation of 25 quilts.

See Schaffer Extended Care Thank You Note and Recipient Photo.

Here is the thank you note and some happy Thank you photos from Bethel recipients via Rhona.

More thank you letters and photos can be seen here.